The Four Types of Learning: Find Your Learning Method

People learn differently. Even in school, some could quickly learn poems by heart, while others were hopelessly overwhelmed. But why do we know different things at different rates? The answer: people can be divided into different types of learning. You can find out what that means in our article!

Types of Learning

The learning process: individual differences

You have certainly already made the experience that you do not always learn equally well. It’s not just about unique talents and passions but also about the type of learning. For example, many students cannot cope with the classic lecture at all. Whether group work, practical exercises or online seminars: For everyone, there are types of knowledge transfer that work really well, and others that are super tedious. This is because there are different types of learners.

Find out your learner type.

How can you find out your learner type if you are unsure? First, you can click on the individual types of learners and use the detailed articles to determine which ones you find yourself in the most. You can also find out your learner type with the following short test. Pick the answer that applies to you the most.

Test: What type of learner am I?

When you sit in a café with your friends …

A) … you are always ready to listen.

B) … you often have the most significant part of the speech.

C) … you examine the interior, decoration and equipment very carefully.

D) … you struggle with labels and co.

This lecture is your worst nightmare:

A) The professor sounds more monotonous than the “Financial Accounting” itself.

B) With about 800 students, the professor does not allow any questions of understanding.

C) There is no PowerPoint presentation.

D) You forgot your laptop and your pens.

You cannot study at all under the following circumstances:

A) The fellow student next to you smacks loudly on his cafeteria bun.

B) Nobody from your course wants to start a study group.

C) The fellow student in front of you is comfortably watching Netflix.

D) You forgot your coffee and snacks.

The easiest way to remember…

A)… news from the radio.

B) … content of the conversation.

C)… connections from graphics.

D) … information about things you can touch.

What you do while talking on the phone:

A) You mainly listen.

B) You talk more than the other.

C) You look into your laptop.

D) You walk through the whole apartment.

If you answered mainly with A), you are the auditory learner, B) the communicative learner, C) the visual learner, and D) the haptic learner.

The Four Types of Learner

To describe the different ways of learning, four groups are often distinguished:

  • the auditory learner type
  • the visual learner
  • the haptic learner
  • the communicative learner

From a strictly scientific point of view, this classification is controversial. Of course, not everyone fits into precisely one scheme. Nevertheless, the model can show trends. It can be a help in finding your perfect learning methods.

How the learner type model can help you?

In school and university education, there is often no focus on teaching students how to learn efficiently. The standard learning methods in the university are listening in the seminar and learning from the sheet in preparation and follow-up.

Therefore, many students do not know which learning methods and learning techniques exist at all. Depending on the type of learner, you can use different ways to suit you and your learning behavior. That is why plagiarism experts have put together the best learning tips for you in each of our four articles. So you can put together an individual learning program!

Learning to learn

In our blog area, you will find various articles on the subject of “learning”. In addition to the articles linked above on the different learning types, there is also helpful information on the following topics:

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