How Many References Should A Bachelor Thesis Have?

Every human being is a potential researcher, and this is due primarily to the curiosity that man represents and that allows knowledge to expand significantly day after day. In this sense, leaving the research reflected as a bibliography is extremely fundamental. In this regard, today, we are interested in knowing how many references a bachelor’s thesis has?

Having adequate bibliographic references allows in many cases to reuse the information, expand it and study it in-depth, without having to carry out the entire research process from the beginning. But how many references should a bachelor thesis have? How to quote correctly?

This is one of the many questions we ask ourselves when classifying bibliographic resources to support a scientific investigation or the theoretical framework that is so extensive. Knowing how many references a bachelor thesis should have will also give the researcher an idea to guide his theoretical perspective to the letter and support his presentations.  


When in doubt about how many references a bachelors thesis should have, we wanted to bring you the suggestions of some authors who, with an analytical review, have given their opinion on the matter. Experts in research methodology such as Umberto Eco (2013), Chiavenato (2009), and Nilda Chávez (2007) coincide in determining that a bachelor’s thesis must have between 25 to 35 bibliographic references to support the research.

This information is valid to know how many references a bachelor’s thesis must-have. Still, it should not be generalized in terms of other types of research such as theses, projects, or master or doctoral thesis.

Are bibliographic references necessary?

They are not only necessary but fundamental; they must also be present in any investigation occupying the right place. Almost always in theses, sections such as bibliographic review, hypothesis, gratitude, or justification are left for the end. They are not given due importance because they are considered small and of little relevance.

However, it is important to know how many references a bachelor’s thesis should have and the correct way to do this section of bibliographic references. It is not just any list, so we will tell you how it should be structured within a document, also remember that it must be at the end of the project, thesis, research, or book.

It must meet the following characteristics:

  • Alphabetical order.
  • Last name and first name of the author, title of the work, year, place, and link of the publication.
  • 1.5 line spacing.
  • French sangria.
  • Its inclusion is mandatory in all work that includes verbatim citations.
  • APA standards govern its writing.


It is common to doubt these terms that seem to indicate the same thing, but it is not like that. The difference between reference and bibliography is that the reference refers to all the authors or resources that have been cited in research work. In contrast, the bibliography only refers to the authors or resources used but was not cited in the document.


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