Interview Tips for Freshers: Understanding HR Professionals

Interview Tips for Freshers: Understanding HR Professionals by Plagiarism Experts

Put yourself in my shoes!” – that is a sentence that is usually uttered when someone feels misunderstood and is frustrated. However, it is always worthwhile to put yourself in the shoes of your counterpart. Empathy and understanding are fundamentally helpful in all situations. Instead of seeing the HR manager as a functionary and enemy at the following interview, put yourself in his position and master the interview!

The HR manager – also just a person

Make yourself aware that HR managers, in particular, have a lot of job interviews. A question-and-answer game in which you only answer monosyllables is exhausting for you and the HR manager. Don’t be too shy; try to keep the conversation going. Be friendly and respectful and put yourself in the shoes of the HR manager. Which applicant would you like, and how would you determine your competence? What would a good interview be from the hiring point of view? If you know this perspective, you can prove yourself well: After all, the recruiter is only human. 

Beware of standard answers.

Of course, you want to be prepared as well as possible for the interview. Many therefore look for tips on the Internet. However, this method can turn out to be a trap! Your most significant weaknesses are your perfectionism, your impatience, and that you are a workaholic? Are you familiar with that? HR managers hear standard answers all the time and quickly reveal them as such. So put yourself in the shoes of the employees who hold interviews regularly. What would impress you, what would bother you? If two-thirds of 50 applicants claim that their weakness is their willingness to work, then an HR manager can also mentally check out. 

Leave your quirks at home.

Believe it or not: HR managers can tell you about the craziest encounters: from a candidate who leaves his bicycle helmet on all the time or from an applicant who constantly touches his face – HR managers involuntarily experience the strangest quirks of their counterpart. Think about whether you also have quirks and avoid them in the interview! Ask your friends or family if they know anything about you that might attract negative attention in the interview. These can be slight peculiarities, such as an “Uh” too often when speaking, or more conspicuous things, such as a lack of eye contact. 

The successful interview

Try to be authentic and confident. If you are struggling with nervousness, that is not a problem either. Good recruiters have techniques to loosen up the conversation. Naturalness protects you best from nasty questions because these often serve to tease the applicant out of his standard answer mode. If you are asked about your weaknesses, do not give the definitive answer “perfectionism,” but think about which weaknesses you have. Of course, these should not correlate with the requirement profile. For example, if you are looking for a job as a computer scientist, you are welcome to admit that you do not enjoy speaking in front of many people.

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