Bachelor Thesis In Business Administration: 5 Examples & Helpful Tips

You have already survived homework, passed exams, and rocked presentations. Now you are moving into the finals of the business administration degree. Your boss: the bachelor thesis! We have helpful tips and five best practice examples ready to get you on the road to success. Stay focused, kill the beast & graduate in Economics!

Copying is terrible – comparing is better!

The bachelor thesis is a scientific version written independently by you or your workgroup. Copying and plagiarism – an absolute no-go! But there is nothing wrong with that: to look over the shoulder of others and get inspired! The earlier you familiarize yourself with your boss, the less fear you will be of him. And that’s just one of the many advantages!

Take an example: 5 examples for a business administration bachelor thesis.

Come closer, come closer! You must have seen that. You have to be there! We have five stunning examples of a bachelor’s thesis in business administration on display: Grab it and help yourself – it’s on the house!

This is how you benefit from other bachelor theses in business administration.

  • Structure and structure: The search for the common structural thread in the bachelor thesis often causes despair. The solution: Take a look at how others have structured their text. You can adapt the structure and formatting for your work. Don’t worry: taking over the form of a table of contents is not plagiarism; it is simply clever!
  • Style and technical language: The scientific world speaks its own language. Read a little in other business administration bachelor theses before you venture into the jungle of terms. In this way, you develop a better feeling for a healthy mixture of technical jargon and everyday language.
  • Source of inspiration Conclusion: The conclusion is the food you found when searching for a topic for a bachelor thesis in business administration. Here you can find the summary: Which questions are still open in the context of this work? From this, you can derive a question for your own work. In this way, you will find suitable topics in no time at all. In addition, it integrates you into the existing scientific landscape.
  • Literature Search by snowballing: The literature review is a vexed issue. There are many research portals and an even more significant number of abbreviations there. It looks different in the bibliography of good bachelor theses in business administration: Here, you will find the literature references clearly and in detail!

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