How to write a research report step by step?

Examples of research reports

As its name indicates, a research report intends to inform and meet an objective or objectives. The “objective” comes from the analysis of the needs of the investigation. Today we will share some examples of research reports that may be useful for your next project.

With them, it is possible to present detailed results obtained while collecting data from your research.

These examples of research reports will allow you to save time and resources, in addition to presenting the data efficiently and professionally, without worrying about spending essential data for decision-making in your organization.

How to write a research report step by step?

If you are about to write a research report, we have a guide for you that will help you effectively:

Describe what you want to get from your research: Before starting to write your report, it is essential to establish the reasons why the project is being carried out and what objectives you want to achieve with this, what topics are that will be analyzed with depth and of course, Define a hypothesis.

Find background Investigate: if the study has previously been carried out and what information exists on the subject. This can help you define a path and support you from other authors in case you need it.

Follow a methodology: It consists of describing what the type of research you are doing is, what are how you are obtaining information, the method of collection of what you will use, the size of the sample, and the geographical location.

Write information: When presenting your report, you must divide it by issues and establish an order. In this way, you can give it without confusion. Complement your report using graphics or diagrams that allow you to visualize and understand it correctly.

Writing the conclusion: After carrying out your study and analyzing the information obtained, you must report on the results found in the process and write some recommendations to solve it.

Characteristics of a Research Report

The reports are intended for documenting the progress of our research; some of the reports are for follow-up, others are evaluation reports, but it is clear that all reports have any objective and purpose behind them. That goal and that purpose can only be achieved if a report has the following qualities and characteristics:

In general, those who have access to the research report will be interested in the results. This requires an analysis that goes beyond a mere description of the activities. The analysis should answer the question, “How far have the objectives of the project have been achieved?”

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