Fellow Students: You will meet these 7 types of students at every university!

Former classmates receive the first pseudo-academic title at the start of their studies: fellow students! We will introduce you to the species “fellow students” in more detail and give you tips on how to get through everyday study life with them stress-free.

What does “fellow student” actually mean?

The term “fellow student” comes – how could it be otherwise – from Latin and means “comrade” or “comrade.” That sounds pretty military at first, but don’t worry: fellow students don’t pull out weapons at most colored Stabilo pens. However, arguments or discussions in the seminar can often happen, and that’s a good thing. So that studying together works well, and you can keep track of the large number of new faces, we have summarized the seven most common types of fellow students for you.

The 7 classics of fellow student types:

  1. The Travel Enthusiast

After graduation to New Zealand and a relaxing trip to Koh Samui, check off the 10 best travel destinations during the semester break. Does that ring a bell? Certainly! Because this fellow student type will tell you about his travel experiences that broaden your horizons – whether you want to or not. But hand on heart: If we are sometimes annoyed by statements about the yoga retreat, there is usually a spark of envy. And that’s okay too. If you want to concentrate on learning, stories like this can be annoying. At another point in time, the travel stories can also be entertaining. Our tip: Don’t let your communicative fellow students piss you off while studying, but let them follow their urge to tell stories during a coffee break. Then it can turn into a perfect chat! Our tip: Do not let this fellow student type piss you off while studying, but let him follow the urge to tell over a coffee break. They are ideally suited for entertainment during breaks!

2. The Coffee Junkie

But first: coffee! Many people feel the need for a cup of coffee in the morning. However, this almost becomes an addiction for the fellow student-type coffee junkie. Before, during, and after the lecture, he destroys liters of caffeinated hot drinks. With this, he supposedly wants to keep the concentration high, but only the heartbeat rate. The significant advantage of this type of student: If you’re going to take a coffee break with a bit of chat in the library, he is always there! One disadvantage: When working in groups with the coffee junkie, there is an increased risk of coffee stains ending up on the worksheets due to the constant presence of the addictive substance. However, this fellow student type also tends to make amends here: most likely by inviting you for a coffee! 

3.The sleepy one

Even if the university world with the “academic quarter “tries to accommodate the chronic student delay, hops and malt are lost with this fellow student type! If many are plagued by insomnia before an exam, he shines with an above-average night’s sleep, and his life motto is: Eat, sleep, nap – repeat! Our tip: You can learn a slice of this very relaxed attitude towards studying that these fellow students adopt. Yes, it is reasonable and sensible that you take your studies seriously and pursue them with interest and ambition: But it should never be at the expense of a healthy portion of peaceful sleep of 6-8 hours a night. Even a 25-minute power nap in the middle of the day can tap new energy reserves! However, as with anything in life, it comes the right balance to Happy times from sleep, but if possible, do not miss any appointments, exams, or submissions – time management counts!

4. The subject changer

These fellow students live according to the motto: “The only constant is … change!” To achieve this, the combination of subjects is mixed up anew every semester, and the first degree is prolonged as much as possible. But who can blame them? The study period is popularly considered to be the best time in life – and you can enjoy it! Because frequent subject changes do not mean that the person is too volatile or cannot make consistent decisions. Maybe she is just interested in many things! If that applies to you too, then a tip: You don’t have to re-enroll in subjects and make time-consuming changes. Most universities offer guest student places. Here you can take part in a non-specialist event of your choice. Studium Generale, such as B. at the University of Mannheim: Foresight instead of technical idiocy is the motto! 

5. The senior student

We learn not for the university but life. And learning can also be made part of life: at least one degree has almost more semesters than years under its belt in every course. Here we have to subdivide into two sub-categories of the senior student type: 

Type A: The graduation lover

This copy was still enrolled at the university during the diploma and master’s period. Or in other words: a very, very long time ago! However, some copies of this type also take a few detours in various student representations and university groups in Kauf to help shape student coexistence. Hats off for this commitment, but remember: Everything has an end; only the double degree has two! The senior student in the graduation strollers category can be identified in everyday student life primarily based on these comments: “There used to be no ECTS points; there was only the final exam!” What you can learn from the graduation lover type: Probably pretty much everything about the past twenty years of university history! So if you need insider tips or insider knowledge, this fellow student is the correct address for you. 

Type B: The Retirement Study

It’s hard to believe, but they exist people who have worked their way through their entire professional life until they reach their well-deserved retirement and then go back to study in their free time! That senior student guy can be found primarily in the humanities, religion, or law subjects. He usually has an elegant fountain pen and a ration of lozenges and practical wisdom and a good portion of serenity in his pocket. You can benefit from this type of student in terms of motivation. After all, the senior students do this for the fun of it! So if you are looking for fellow students interested in the subject and the tasks, keep up with the Seniors! In addition, a cross-generational exchange can broaden your horizons – far beyond the course content.

6. The overzealous 

Regular seat in the first class of the lecture hall. At least three colored highlighters and an impressive package consisting of meal prep creations in a bag: Anyone who used to take their job seriously as a class bookkeeper has laid the perfect foundation for becoming an overzealous fellow student. This type of fellow student is particularly popular with their fellow students when the examination phase approaches: Then, they are often charmed with creative bribery methods to hand out their study slips. Our tip: Leave behind the mindset that anyone interested and committed to their studies is a nerd. Nobody is forced to study.

In contrast to school days, no one is subject to any obligation here but instead devotes themselves to learning new knowledge voluntarily. If you don’t feel like it, we will support you with de-registration. If you run into the overzealous fellow student type, feel free to encourage them to take a break. Maybe even with you and a coffee junkie fellow student, could be the perfect team of three!

7.The invisible one

This one fellow student is only known as an email abbreviation from the course distribution list. There are plenty of them: fellow students ghost their studies more consistently than some of his Tinder matches. How can you recognize this fellow student type? We don’t know either! But let us know if you should catch one of the rare moments and see this fellow student guy live! Joking aside: the number of students enrolled at your university will never quite match the number of students cavorting in courses. Some students have forgotten to de-register or have only registered from the start to keep their student status. And with it, the much sought-after semester ticket.

The end of the song”fellow students: individuality beats typing

Okay, let’s be honest: We were no longer in 1950. We talk our mouths fluffy when we enter into the ubiquitous dialogue about the equality of all people and freedom from prejudice. In this context, is it beneficial to categorize the species students and fellow students into types and to let pigeonhole thinking prevail? Of course not. But what promotes equality and equality: With a well-proportioned use of humor, do not exclude anyone! So: Regardless of how you mark your learning materials, how much coffee you pour into yourself or over your notes, how strict you are with yourself, and the compulsory attendance – don’t forget to have fun. Because your studies hold valuable encounters with a wide variety of people and ideas in store for you and keep the thought in mind: 

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