Plagiarism Experts is sensitive to research confidentiality. We receive unpublished manuscripts describing ground-breaking research and ideas from the world’s best researchers and universities, and we recognise the importance of keeping unpublished work confidential.

Our confidentiality policy ensures that researchers from all over the world can submit their work to us with complete confidence.

Efforts to prevent the release of confidential information

  •  All Plagiarism Experts employees and contractors have signed confidentiality agreements and will not share any of your personal information with anyone else unless you give us written permission.
  • A secure online job management system is used to manage all documents submitted.
  • Your personal information (name, address, email address, phone number, etc.) will never be shared with anyone outside of your company, including your customer service manager, the editors or publication experts working on your assignment, or other authorised personnel.

Before you send us any information you want to keep private, we can have you sign a confidentiality agreement with us.

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